The Sheriff's Children

The full film will eventually be posted after it has played at film festivals.  In the meantime, here's a short trailer.

Sheriff and PrisonerFILM FINISHED (4/14/17)

Almost a year after shooting began, The Sheriff's Children is finally finished.  It is now being submitted to various film festivals.


Colorist Andrew Gleason has done an excellent job "grading" the film, adjusting the picture's color, contrast, and hue for a specific look.  The film will be output at different resolutions (for Blu-ray, DVD, streaming, etc.), and we will soon begin submitting it to festivals.


Composer Eric Watkins delivered the final music, a powerful score featuring violinist Nicolaj Nielsen and cellist Sofie Takkula.  It is now being mixed into the film's soundtrack. 

Next up is color correction, where the picture will be tweaked scene-by-scene.

Behind the scenesThe Sheriff's Children is a short film based on the acclaimed story by Charles W. Chesnutt, first published in 1889.  It dramatizes the conflict between duty and family, as a sheriff guarding a prisoner from a lynch mob faces a crisis of conscience.

Produced by award-winning Roselawn Productions Ltd., The Sheriff's Children was filmed in Illinois and Indiana in authentic period locations.  The production was shot and edited in 2016 and completed in Spring 2017, and is currently being submitted to film festivals.